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We’d love to hear from you. To make an appointment, please give us a call at 2309 2011. For all other non-urgent requests, questions, and comments, please take a moment and fill out the form on the right.

G/F Lee Luen Mansion 430 Portland St. Kowloon

Hong Kong

2309 2011

Kowloon Cat Hospital is a feline dedicated vet clinic that provides quality veterinary care to your dearest furry family members.

News!! We have moved!



大家最近有機會來我們的新醫院探望比比和拔拔嗎? 可能有部份人已經在我們的候診室留意到上圖展示的新裝置。 這些架子實際上是為了減少對貓貓構成壓力而設計的 - 它們並不是裝飾品。 我們非常明白大部份喵星人都不喜歡外出/ 見醫生 !但當來到醫院時,只要將貓袋放進這些架子(最好把頭向內),我們便可以減少聲音/氣味/視覺引起對貓貓構成的不安。 希望大家支持我們的意念!謝謝您的合作!

Dear valued clients,

Have you had a chance to come and visit us at our new hospital? Some of you may have noticed these new fixtures in our waiting room. These shelves are actually designed to help minimize the stress experienced by your cat - they are not simply decorative pieces. We all know how much our furry friends dislike traveling/ leaving the house - by placing your cat’s carrier inside these shelves (with their heads facing inwards) upon arrival at the hospital, we can minimize the stress induced by sounds/ smells/ sight. Help us look after your cats better! Thank you for your co-operation!